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  • The Balrim B-51 dates from the early-1950's and was marketed

    as semi-casual eyewear as you can see from this promotion in

    their 1957 catalogue
    . It was a hugely popular shape - their top

    selling frame for a number of years - which is why we find them

    from time to time. This pair dates from the late 1950's when the

    shields on the front were made bigger and bolder and this type

    continued into the early 60's. The colour of our frame is the Ebony

    with White
    - meaning the white gold fill bridge and rims - the bridge

    having incised line decoration. The temples are the Riding Bow

    type as also listed in the catalogue. The frame looks hardly worn:

    the plastic is shiny not dull, the white gold metal shines and the

    nose-pads are crystal clear.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : mens : 1950's Bal-Rim B51 by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA)
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