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  • This is Shuron's famous Browline frame, later named the

    Ronsir. You can see the earlier version here in the catalogue

    we have from 1953. In the late 1950's Shuron introduced

    aluminium versions of this shape, which they called Ronsir.

    And in 1964 this version was introduced, called Ronsir Brushtone:

    "a new style variation for Shuron/Continental's Ronsir combination

    frame for men, consists of aluminum toprims and temples

    distinctively textured with a slightly roughened surface, in turn set

    off by a fine-line design."
    No arguing with that - the texturing took

    the Ronsir into the stratosphere of 60's space-race inspired design.

    Overall this pair in great condition, but it has been marked

    down to 'good' due to some of the aluminium being

    discoloured on the inside of the left temple - ie, unseen

    when being worn - see photo.

    FYI: Shuron are still going today - since 1865 - but they

    stopped making these high gold content frames in the 1960's.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : mens : 1960's Ronsir Brushtone by SHURON (USA)
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