1970-2000 : k8376
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  • This is typical of a frame from the 1930's, popular for both

    men and women. It is in the Ful-Vue style, where the arms

    join higher up the lenses, which was developed by American

    Optical in 1931 and set the standard for future eyewear design.

    This pair, the Ogden-Flex - which refers to the style of the bridge

    - appears in a catalogue we have dated 1935. It is stamped with

    AO's gold fill mark - a circle inside a three sided square - which

    means that it is 1/10 12kgf. We've had it fitted with MAR coated

    plano lenses in the same shape as the originals, as we wanted

    to maintain the style's Art Deco integrity. The decoration on

    the stepped bridge and curl arms are a typical sunburst and

    rectangular lozenge pattern, set within a beaded outline, and

    all elements and construction very much of the Modern Age.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : unisex : 1930's gold-fill rimless frame by AMERICAN OPTICAL (USA)
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