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  • The innovative Nylon Supra is a frame design that is

    uniquely European. It was invented in England in 1935

    and later taken up by Marwitz in Germany and the

    French Societe de Lunetieres, which led to the 1954

    'Nylor' frame. Michael Birch of England then decided

    to licence this frame design for a range of supremely

    sexy and colourful acetate frames. European frame-

    making had always been one that relied less on machines

    on more on handwork, so designer Birch, who was himself

    a craftsman carver applied all to these beguiling frames.

    The clear nylon cord underneath the lenses means less

    visual obstruction for the wearer and for the onlooker,

    a clear view of the eyes. This frame was called Mirage

    and dates from 1965. It has been fitted with non-prescription

    plano lenses.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : womens : 1960's supra frame by MICHAEL BIRCH (UK)
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