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  • 1990's mock tortoise and gold metal frame by
    CAZAL mod 872 col 722 FRAME GERMANY

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



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  • This unusual semi-mask design dates from the early 1990's

    and is one of Cazal's renowned 800 Series. Here it is shown

    in original Cazal publicity: Zalloni's signature metal and acetate

    elements allow the lenses float on the face, with skin showing

    between the gold inner rims and that outer three-quarter frame,

    here in a deep, mottled amber acetate. The design is further

    lightened by the area between the eyes not being obscured by

    the acetate, leaving just those fine eye rims in 24K gold-plate

    to hug the nose. The Cazal advert shows this 872 design on a

    woman model and as sunglasses, but these frames are eminently

    sized and suitable for plano or prescription lenses, or to be worn

    by men. Perhaps also indicated by the model's scraped-back

    androgynous hair, letting out her inner Gordon Gecko in this strong,

    constructed design. Remember, the movie Wall Street came out in

    1987 and Cazals then were over $200 a pair. Greed is good....

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : unisex : 1990's CAZAL 872 (GERMANY)
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