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  • 1940's/50's silver metal frame, unmarked

  • Original mid-green glass lenses



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  • After World War Two, men's metal sunglasses of this type

    were sold as 'military' sunglasses, as of course servicemen

    (and women) were issued with this style. Civilians though

    came to appreciate their look and practicality. These large

    format shapes gave great coverage and the cable arms

    made the sunglasses secure; with the 'sweat-bar' as well,

    which keeps the lenses off the brow, these styles were

    great for sport. In fact, back on civvy street in the 1940's,

    Ray-Ban introduced the "Outdoorsman", with the same

    sweat-bar, alongside their specialist 'shooter' and 'aviator'

    models. This pair isn't a flashy and often gold-filled Ray-Ban,

    but one from this same post-war period of popularity,

    enduring into the 1950's. Some people prefer these

    unmarked 40's/50's 'aviator' sunglasses, in nickel silver

    with green glass lenses, as they actually look more like the

    earlier military issue ones. Sometimes people just like to wear

    them because they aren't identifiable as Ray-Bans. There's

    something more 'individual' about that.

                                                           — klasik

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