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  • 1960's polished wood-effect plastic frame marked

  • Original grey glass lenses



lens spec

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  • Shuron Continental came into being in the late 1950's and aptly,

    looked to the Continent for sunglasses inspiration in 1960,

    when they launched Sunstyles, then just for women. In 1962

    they introduced designs for men, and they did it with a publicity

    stunt in Italy, showing off their cosmopolitan styles to a

    policeman. But as you can see from this catalogue of theirs from

    the following year, 1963, they had only expanded the men's

    selection to four designs, whereas there were twelve for women.

    This is what Shuron called "professional sunwear" with their own

    Neutrex Gray mineral glass sun lenses in "rakish and continental"

    designs. The frames though were of such quality that opticians

    also stocked the line for those who wanted and could afford,

    tinted prescription lenses. This original pair of men's sunglasses,

    with its lean looks, accented angles, keyhole bridge and superb,

    dark wood-effect highly polished zyl, is probably a season or two

    later than 1963. It looks hardly worn though and is incredibly

    rare. We felt it was so special, we just had to bring this one out

    of the vault.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : mens : 1960's by SHURON CONTINENTAL (USA)
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