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  • 1960's gold metal frame, unmarked

  • Original Zeiss Umbral mineral glass lenses,
    etched with CZ logo



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  • Although impossible to say definitively, this looks like the

    pair that John Lennon wore for a period in the 1960's.

    As Klasik Vintage Eyewear has been collecting and working

    here in London for the last 20 years or so, we feel we

    have identified these sunglasses - as worn by Lennon in

    1966 for this London photo shoot: Note that his sunglasses

    are the sherry brown tint of Zeiss Umbral. And this pair's

    superb glass lenses are the same tint and etched with the

    CZ - Carl Zeiss - logo. The frame does not have a maker's

    mark, but the others we have seen are the same - perhaps

    there was a sticker or price tag as the slim metal arms

    would be difficult to engrave. Of course Lennon needed to

    wear glasses, even then, but he also could not resist sun-

    glasses for posing in shoots like these. Apparently, a German

    fan found out from George Harrison in 1966 that The Beatles

    bought their fashionable sunglasses from Biba, as they were

    "very inexpensive". Well perhaps this is where this pair

    originated as Biba opened its first boutique in London in 1964.

    So, 'Here comes the sun' then for Beatles and particularly

    Lennon fans. Hell, these could even be the very pair he's

    wearing in the photo. We said 'could'! NB: frame condition

    marked down to 'fair' due to slight pitting around the rims

    and some plating rubbed, see photos.

                                                           — klasik

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