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product code : k5547 : £ 165
  • 1970's white chrome frame marked B&L RAY-BAN USA

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



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  • The Caravan first appeared in 1959, (a year after AO's

    military issue aviator in a very similar shape!) and it

    became one of their most enduring models: it went on

    into the Sixties and then continued to sell through the

    Seventies. It was in 1973 that this model appeared in

    "white rhodium". This 'silver' metal frame, complete with

    its original G-15 Neutral Grey Ray-Ban lenses, therefore

    dates from the first half of the 1970's and is actually

    extremely rare: Ray-Ban's biggest market in their metal

    styles, remained the traditional "yellow gold" frame. Yes,

    the Caravan was also available in blue and black chrome

    and other lens tints and by 1976 it was also being marketed

    for women - check out Jean Shrimpton modelling a blue pair.)

    The Caravan continued into the Eighties, when - horror of

    horrors - it appeared with a white scripted Ray-Ban logo on

    the lens. This though is a very rare 1970's 'silver' metal

    Ray-Ban Caravan with its original - and un-etched - lenses.

    Perhaps worn by champion skier Jean Claude Killy, when he

    was ready to let his hair down and embrace his alternative,

    hairier side.

                                                           — klasik

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