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Mike, from Manchester, UK, went for this great American Optical frame from the early 60's they called
Manhattan. (We have another pair on the site in a different colurway - check out men's frames.) We think Mike
looks pretty cool - perhaps not as tortured as Bill Evans - but definitely in his company. Keep up the piano
lessons, Mike!.
bandl large metal
A taste for the unusual, Penelope, from California was quick to snap up these rare 1930's safety sunglasses
from Bausch & Lomb. Silver metal frame with plastic side shields. Stamped Baush & Lomb.
Alexander, from Copenhagen picked up this fabulous early 1980's pair by Carrera at our Sunday stall at
Old Spitalfields Market in London and went back to Denmark to have his photo taken in them in his home
town. Lookin' good, Alex!.
1960's supra
Todd, from Stoke Mandeville, UK sought us out at Spitalfields especially for an old 1950's/60's combination
frame. He picked out this pair, a white gold-fill by Styl-Rite Optical (USA) into which he asked us to fit his
prescription lenses. We duly obliged and Todd emailed his photo.
B&L Ray-Ban Aviator
Luke, from New York is a regular customer and here he's gone for a 1970's semi-rimmed supra frame in
brushed metal and mottled grey acrylic - nice choice, Luke! Frame marked WESTHILL and JASPA.
american optical saratoga
Kendall, from Michigan sent us his photo saying, "I bought these ISKI originals from you and I could not be
1970's tort plastic frame with I-SKI logo and marked HAND MADE IN USA. Original (grey base)
mirrored glass lenses.
rodenstock senator
Carla, from California needed something to cap off the thirties themed wedding she was invited to in the
summer. "They were a hit!" said Carla when she sent us this photo. 1930's translucent shaded amber plastic
frame, unmarked. Original mid-brown glass lenses.
Josue, from California liked the look of these 60's European sunglasses - and why not? They're by German
frame makers Helmecke and are fitted with Zeiss Umbral 85% abs lenses. One of the best you could buy at
the time, we reckon.
Omaira, from UAE was looking for some Ted Lapidus classics having seen them on Nicole Richie - we were
pleased to find her this pair - translucent shaded aquamarine marked TED PAIDUS PARIS ORIGINAL FRAME
. Says Omaira, "Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for finding the perfect pair of ted lapidus sunnies for me!!!!,
KLASIK is the best for vintage sunglasses!"
Walter, from London is turning out to be a regular customer - here he is two years ago after purchasing a 1970's
B&L Ray-Ban Caravan
in black. Sadly he lost those so he has just bought another pair we luckily had in stock.
Says Walter, "I am extremely grateful to you and would be even more so if you could devise a foolproof method
of avoiding losing them. I'm such a dodo. Up klasik is all I can say!"
Another regular customer, Linda from San Jose is showing off one of her three pairs of Ted Lapidus sunglasses
she's bought from us - here in the Mojave Desert near Las Vegas. Black plastic frame marked Ted Lapidus Paris
Original Frame France TL 10 01.
Davide, from Surrey (UK), was so impressed that he could still find an original 1980's B&L Ray-Ban Wayfarer,
that he bought two - one in black and the other in tortoise. He couldn't model them both, so he asked his wife
Marcia to help him out. Too bad Brazil were as unimpressive as England in the World Cup!
"Greetings from West Palm Beach. I had these exact Vuarnet sunglasses for 20+ years and broke them before
Christmas 2005. I had searched far and wide without luck trying to replace them. Your site is great site, terrific
communication and fast fast delivery. This picture is the best BeBe and I could take. Not sure which of us is
uglier. Many thanks! Steve."
(Feb. 2006)
cazal 607/2
Richard, a regular customer from Florida, recently bought some 50's American Optical shades, but before he
did, he sent us this photo of him in a previous purchase, the 1980's B&L Ray-Ban Clubmaster, which as you
can see, being a combination frame, has a very 50's feel about it. That Florida sunshine really agrees with Rich!
framex uk
Milo from NYC has absolutely exceeded the brief: check out that backdrop - what better for what is probably the
most famous sunglasses of all time, Ray-Ban's Wayfarer. First made in 1953, this pair probably made about 10
years later, marked B&L Ray-Ban USA and fitted with B&L's G15 (pre-etched) glass lenses.
la amy and shuron
Zoe, also from New York City, bought some great 70's sunglasses by Correna of France and had them fitted with
her own lenses. Then she celebrated by taking them to fabulous Las Vegas for the weekend. Translucent shaded
amber plastic frame marked Correna.
nhs halfeye
Andreas from Stockhom, Sweden wanted some quality lenses and went no further than this cool 80's pair from
Zeiss. Translucent green plastic frame marked ZEISS WEST GERMANY and model nunmber 8110 1958. Original
CARL ZEISS Umbral 85 lenses etched w/CZ logo.
bandl large metal
Devin from California, like Milo above, wanted some classics and is keeping out that west coast sunshine in a
black pair of Wayfarers. This pair made around the early 80's. Black plastic frame marked B&L RAY-BAN USA
and fitted with the original B&L G15 glass lenses etched with the BL logo.
Matt told us that in Beverly Hills you need a pair to protect you from that LA haze so he went for this 70's pair
with our favourite lenses, Carl Zeiss. 1970's translucent shaded brown plastic frame by MARWITZ (GERMANY)
marked Bouira. Fittted with Zeiss 65's (65% abs) lenses etched with CZ logo.
1960's supra
Lauretta from Georgia needed something to shield her from all that southern sunshine when reclining on her
pride and joy: her '62 Mercury Comet. She found this late 40's/early 50's pair by English company, Twinco.
Translucent shaded gold plastic frame and dark brown glass lenses.
B&L Ray-Ban Aviator

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