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1960s Stadium by AMERICAN OPTICAL (USA) KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear


Probably the biggest name in optics in the USA, American Optical

began nearly two centuries ago and are still going today, although

the orignal company was taken over by Europa Eyewear a few years

ago and production no longer happens in Southbridge, MA, rather it

all takes place in Illinois. Back in the 1960s when this pair was made,

AO were the largest manufacturer of eyeglasses in the country. This

is Stadium, a masculine sounding name at the time, in an attempt to

appeal to the sports fan. We know the name as it appears in an AO

catalogue we have dated 1964. A high quality frame with 7-charnier

hinges and mitred joints, pinned front and sides using arrowhead

style silver plaques. This pair in a good size and in as new condition.

Although the new AO have started to remake some of their classic

sunglasses, they have yet to attempt any of their old frames, so

for the present, you'll have to go vintage.

                                                                  — klasik
product code : k8274 : £ 145

1960s black plastic frame marked AMERICAN
OPTICAL with AO logo

Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.


lenses : n/a

frame : very good

fit : very good


face : 133mm

lens width : 48mm (marked on frame)

lens height : 40mm

bridge : 22mm (marked on frame)

arms : 140mm (5½ marked on frame)