men's : 1950-70 : k8281
product code : k8281 : £ 345
  • 1960s black plastic frame marked FILOS and

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Oliver Goldsmith are a famous British eyewear family firm

    who produced both frames and sunglasses. In the 1960s,

    the third generation Andrew and Raymond joined and after

    completing his apprenticeship in 1965, Andrew became the

    company's frame designer. OG also worked with French

    fashion houses Dior and Givenchy and their eyewear was

    worn by Hepburn, Kelly and 'Italian Job' Caine, so it's no

    surprise to see the Italian maker FILOS on this frame - or

    in full, the Fabbrica Italiana Lavorazione Occhiali Segusino.

    A rough translation is the Italian Eyewear Manufacturing

    Company of Segusino. Segusino is the area just north-west

    of Venice that post-war become renowned for the eyewear:

    indeed Filos themselves started in 1946. This frame is very

    similar to Filos' own designs of that period - see this ad from

    - but we believe this is an OG design because it is

    stamped on the frame and while OG did distribute Filos frames

    in England (the British Optical Museum has OG's trade literature

    from 1969) they also went to Filos for OG designs like their 1969

    'Goldfish' sunglasses
    . This frame has a sleek 60s shape, using

    Filos' patented hinge which buried the joints for a clean, pinless

    face and sides - and it's not too dissimilar to what John Lennon

    was wearing at the time
    . Music had brought Britain closer to

    Europe and together they became the fashion focus of the world.

    We also have another pair of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses for

    women but made in France - it would be wonderful see either of

    those alongside the man who steps out in this super 1960s frame.

                                                           — klasik