men's : 1970-2000 : k8298
product code : k8298 : £ 145
  • 1960s70s black plastic and gold-fill metal frame marked
    TOLEDO and RODENSTOCK and 1/20 12k

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Surely a unique company of frame makers, Rodenstock

    represent 4 generations of family ownership since 1877.

    And they are still going strong. This pair, named Toledo,

    was one of just eight Rodenstock styles for men in a 1965

    leaflet we have
    , from a prestigious US company. Of these,

    only two were combination frames - this style always

    more popular in the US than in the UK - and must have

    been expensive as an import; it also faced heavy competition

    from US makers. However, the European look probably

    tempted the business elite and the flashier architect

    types who liked its clean lines and solid modernity.

    The quality is high, with the substantial gold-fill metal

    chassis incised at the bridge for definition, while the

    eyewire rims are smooth. Toledo in Spain was famous for

    matadors and for Toledo ware which is black and gold

    decorative precious metal work, often seen on sword hilts

    and jewellery. Some good vintage Toledo or Damascene

    cufflinks would look damn fine with this frame. German

    company Rodenstock did use other European names, like

    Corsica and the famous Rocco, for most of their men's frames

    in 1965, so it was a winning formula. Toledo went on being made

    into the 1970's, proving the seduction of an evocative name,

    while eyewear quality and design endures.

                                                           — klasik