men's : 1950-70 : k8316
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  • These combination frames - meaning the frames combined

    materials, ie both plastic and metal - were very popular for

    both men and women in the latter part of the 1950's. As B&L

    stated in their 1957 catalogue, "For business and professional

    activities, handsome plastic-and-metal combination eyewear

    is always correct."
    The Bal-King was new for 1957, illustrated

    in the Ebony and White (silver coloured gold-fill metal), with

    the model wearing the Ebony and Arista (gold coloured gold-fill

    metal), whilst ours is the Toffee and Arista. They boast,

    "...handsome virility, distinguished appearance and precise fitting

    qualities have made B&L masculine combinations the most

    popular eyewear in the men's field."
    Our pair has their cable arm,

    the "J43" was called the Gold-Filled Apex, which is the only part

    of the frame that is showing some wear. The Bal-King also

    boasted "interchangeable parts". So, it seems the plastic brows

    could be changed to one of the other colour options. A bespoke

    choice. Lucky then to have this pairing, as the Toffee looks

    superb with the Arista gold. And just look at that gold chassis

    and detail: "Bal-King features engraved flow lines through the

    bridge, with the wrap-around end-pieces and temples."
    This is

    precision manufacturing and B&L were the kings of the game

    when they brought out this, "highly-styled version of the

    combination plastic and metal frame"

                                                           — klasik