1950-1970 : k8344
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product code : k8344 : £ 495
  • 1960's black plastic frame marked ZAK with registered

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



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  • Perhaps one of the most famous and iconic and enduring models

    designed by the current 'Oliver', Zak first appears in the optical

    directories in 1967 as a sunglasses frame, but later in 1970 as an

    optical frame. Perhaps Andrew could advise otherwise. Up until

    the 1960s, optical frames tended to frame the eyes and therefore

    in old images, appear small on the wearer compared to what we

    are used to today. Pioneering designers like Goldsmith changed

    this in the late 1960's and began to design eyewear that framed

    the face. Zak is one of these examples, but perhaps he was driven

    by the public's preference to wear the Zak as an optical frame?

    What we do know is that from that time until now, optical frames

    are wider, often extending beyond the perimeters of the wearer's

    face. Zak has held up extremely well over the years: just look at

    Culter & Gross' thick acetates from last season's offer. But it is

    much more than size, the facets and angles are outstanding,

    especially the paddle temples that are triangular at the joint,

    changing to a more familiar, flatter shape half-way down, with

    incised grip lines at the inside tips. This pair fully restored to

    concourse condition and ready for your lenses. Please note though

    that the area around the impressed logo on the right temple tip still

    retains some signs of previous use as we did not want to polish out

    the OG logo.

                                                           — klasik

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