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Never worn 1970s Bryan by TART OPTICAL (USA) KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear


Tart Optical were an American firm started by Julius Tart in NY

in the mid-1940s. They were relatively successful but didn't reach

the heights of other US giant brands like Bausch & Lomb, Shuron

or American Optical. They closed - like many optical firms across

the world that we have mentioned on these pages - in the 1980s.

However their legacy has been strengthened by the fact that a

certain James Dean decided to wear one of their frames, the Arnel.

Retrospectively, this has given Tart cult status, so much so that

when Julius Tart died in 2008, the brand and all the past patents

and designs were swiftly bought up by a Los Angeles vintage eyewear

dealer and Tart Optical Enterprises was reborn. They began remaking

all of Tart's most iconic designs - sadly not in the USA - which includes

this model, Bryan. The design was actually introduced in the 1950s,

alongside the Arnel, however this pair was made c1970 as it does not

sport the diamond shields: by the 1970s the decorative and functional

plaques on the front of optical frames had become passé when makers

developed the technology to bury the joint into the frame, creating a

smooth front. Fashion had moved on, but Bryan remained popular, so

Tart just adapted it for their 1970s customers. A classic men's frame

shape will always endure - it looks smart yet modern; lighter and less

obtrusive and suits many face shapes. The new 'Tart Optical Enterprises'

have remade Bryan, however they have put shields on the front and

it only comes in one size, 46/24. And they only offer the two-tone,

not this full colour version. This pair is not only the larger 48/22 size,

it's also a deadstock Tart frame from the 1970s, made in the USA, with

the authenticity usually appreciated by vintage wearers and collectors.

                                                                  — klasik
product code : k8275 : £ 225

Never worn 1970s demi-amber plastic frame
marked USA and OTE logo

Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.


lenses : n/a

frame : new

fit : very good


face : 133mm

lens width : 48mm (marked on frame)

lens height : 40mm

bridge : 22mm (marked on frame)

arms : 150mm (6' marked on frame)