men's : 1970-2000 : k8282
product code : k8282 : £ 125



other info
  • Framex made good quality frames in the 1960s and 70s from

    their factory near central Birmingham. This pair - named after

    a suburb close to their factory - is a solid, masculine frame

    with wide library temples in what is known as a nylon supra

    frame, with the lenses held into place by a barely visible cord,

    somewhat like a fishing line. Nylon supra frames were incredibly

    popular over here - as opposed to say a two tone frame favoured

    in the US - and were often seen being worn by British politicans

    of that era
    . This pair is a good size too, with generous 150mm

    temples. It has been fitted with plano MAR lenses matching the

    original's shape, so ready to wear or be easily changed to your

    own lenses.

                                                                      — klasik