men's : 1970-2000 : k8293
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  • Since 1921, Henry Jullien have been making high quality

    frames in the Jura district of France, the traditional home

    of French frame makers. Indeed they are one of the few

    left, still specialising in gold-fill frames using their traditional

    methods which encompass over 300 processes to make one

    frame. We believe this is one of a prestige collection called

    'Les Sublimales d' Henry Jullien' as seen in this ad from 1995

    - but the model we are offering is earlier. Their now famous

    square logo was adopted in the late 80s and it is here, held

    on both temples - in the same elegant construction of gold

    wire cores, banded together. It's rather like an architectural

    aviator shape - French design and artistry in precious metals

    elevates eyewear of this period to some of the best in the world.

    It's in good condition and hardly worn. Absolument superb.

                                                           — klasik