1970-2000 : k8347
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product code : k8347 : £ 175
  • 1980's/90's opaque optyl frame shaded brown/camo tones
    marked HUGO BOSS BY CARRERA model 5107

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Boss by Carrera designs are now sought by collectors as this

    union of two men's eighties super-brands produced a short

    run of luxury eyewear products. In 1991, a pair would start

    at about $100. It was the frame material Optyl, invented by

    Carrera's Wilhelm Anger back in the 60s, that attracted the

    interest of designers in the 80s - from Porsche to Dior to

    Dunhill to Hugo Boss. Optyl made for a flexible, light frame that

    could chunk up a design - essential in the 80s - but without

    weighing it down. It could also be coloured and textured in a

    myriad new ways. The shape of this Hugo Boss design is typical

    of the early Nineties, a retro (1930s) shape with a key-hole

    bridge, but it's given a twist with a smokey brown camo-effect

    layer on redder tones on the inside face. Gold lozenge inserts

    at the temples go down the arms, inscribed with the 'Boss' logo

    For history buffs out there, Hugo Boss (since 1924) goes on,

    but the great Carrera is now part of the Safilo Group.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : unisex : Never worn 1980's/90's by HUGO BOSS/CARRERA (GERMANY)
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