men's : pre-1950 : k8290
product code : k8290 : £ 115
  • 1940s/50s metal frame marked AO

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • An early safety or industrial frame from American Optical, very

    much styled on their Sampson frame, seen here in a 1941 catalogue.

    These safety frames were built for strength, the double-soldered

    bridge keeping it rigid and aligned at all times. Needed if you were

    working in WW2 as one of the Rosie Rivetters here and here - taking

    your place alongside the men in shipyards and munitions factories.

    The difference between this and the optical Sampson is of course the

    material: this is a heavy nickel frame whilst the domestic frames were

    yellow gold-filled metal. Here is a catalogue entry from 1959, the

    Sampson still going and below it, the Liner, similar again to this work

    frame. The arms on this frame are fibre covered for extra comfort and

    the nose pads are the pink plastic self-adjusting variety. This pair retains

    its safety glass lenses - stamped by AO - which are in okay condition,

    considering it probably served its time on the line in WW2, but we're

    offering this more as an everyday frame, for those who have an active

    lifestyle and require a hard-wearing frame. It's lasted 80 or so years

    and it still has the same again, we reckon.

                                                                      — klasik