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product code : k8346 : £ 225
  • 1950's layered white stripe over checkerboard
    red and gold glitter plastic and white gold fill frame
    marked AMERICAN OPTICAL and 1/10 12K GF

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • AO's Gaymont was released in the mid-1950's and this is

    one of the earliest examples as it is more upswept than later

    models, seen here in a 1958 catalogue, when the shape

    changed to a slightly flatter style. This pair in a carnival

    colourway, with white stripes over the glittering red and gold

    checks. This is a layer over the dark red frame. The bridge

    is hand engraved and has the gold mark on the inside. This

    frame is in remarkable condition, looks never worn.

                                                           — klasik

vintage eyewear : womens : 1950's Gaymont by AMERICAN OPTICAL (USA)
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