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  • 1960's demi-amber plastic frame set
    marked HAMBLIN

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • Hamblin in London W1 made glasses for the rich and famous and

    for expeditions to Everest and the Antarctic. Wealthier inter-war

    and early WW2 pilots bought their goggles. This venerable company

    were also opticians by Royal Appointment. They made frames for

    Queen Mary, the Duke of Edinburgh and for HM the Queen Mother.

    In the 1930's Theodore Hamblin Ltd's "ideal for sports" Full-Field

    frame design was chosen by the Queen Mother for sunglasses -

    now in the Museyeum in London. In the 1950's and through to the

    60's, she wore another of Hamblin's frames and Museyeum, the

    British Optical Association Museum in London, actually have pairs

    she wore on display. Here they are in a photo taken by Londonist

    writing about the Museum. We believe this is the same design, and

    the Queen Mother's only differ in being two-tone acetate and mostly

    bright colours. This pair is all demi-amber and it is wonderful quality

    - the Museum describe this flattering design as having "sinuous

    upper rims" and that is what makes it appealing. An undulated top

    extends out quite far on either side, to what are called "lugs" in the

    trade, but the shape generally now known as 'cat-eyes', where the

    sides extend up and out, arched like wings. The other details like the

    covered silvered hinges, the carved crescent section around nose

    inside the bridge and the rounded corners at those lugs or sides

    where the hinges meet and the acetate has been smoothly mitred,

    all reveal Hamblin's craftsmanship. But it surprises in being so

    seductive a shape. There's nothing staid about it. Hamblin and their

    like have long gone, so Klasik is so pleased to offer something very,

    very special in vintage English* spectacle frames.

                                                           — klasik

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