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1980s CAZAL 163 (W GERMANY) KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear KlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewearKlasikVintageEyewear


Okay, since KLASIK Vintage Eyewear first opened our doors over

20 years go, CAZAL have launched remakes called Legends...

and yes, we might as well jump to it, that the 163 is one of the

models that has been re-made. You can buy one for about 300.

Would you though? Vintage lovers, Cazal collectors and other

die-hards will always want the originals and picking the 163 to

re-make, only adds to the desirability of this 1980's survivor.

Here it is in the old catalogue, and although it's B&W, we think it

is this very one. An amazing mostly translucent colourway that

they have not re-made and it's in the large size. On the front face,

the large visor-like shape has a top solid layer of a pearlised, pale

dusky pink that is cut back at the bridge in three horizontal stripes,

revealing the two translucent lower layers of a dark pink and a

sort of blushing nude. The light let through the frame plays on all

the angles and the colours add dimensions. Zalloni clamps on those

signature arrow-end arms of substantial enough heft for the big

boy front, but not forgetting the glitz, with gold plating and

channels of dark pink enamel. The golden lozenge Cazal logo on

each side, tells onlookers all around that you have an original.

Lay low though, coz these Cazzies will be coveted. Complete the

look your way, for the here and now, with your choice of lenses.

NB: frame marked down to 'good' as these were well loved and the

writing has been lost on the inside temples however those of you

with a good light and a magnifying glass will still see the ghosting

of FRAME W GERMANY, which confirms for you this is an 80s original.

There are also tiny areas along the edge of the metal sides which

are showing wear - see end photos.

                                                                  — klasik
product code : k8278 : £ 275

1980's pearly pale pink layer over translucent
shaded dark pink plastic and gold metal frame by
CAZAL mod 163 col 176 FRAME W GERMANY

Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.


lenses : n/a

frame : good

fit : very good


face : 140mm

lens width : 59mm

lens height : 52mm

bridge : 12mm

arms : 130mm