unisex : cazal : k8285
product code : k8285 : £ 185
  • 1980s/90s black and red layers on gold metal frame
    marked CAZAL 956 373 FRAME GERMANY

  • Can be glazed with Rx or sunglasses lenses.



other info
  • A Cari Zalloni design from the late 1980s and one of his

    masterful works in metal. The 956 was one of the models

    in a series inspired by Ancient Egypt and this large gold-

    plated monel frame was displayed in exclusive opticians

    with a replica head of the Sphinx. Suitably scaled-down

    of course, but fittingly grand to show off the amazing

    construction of this frame, with its warm golden colour

    and the geometric design which also uses typical Egyptian

    colours of muted red and black. These enamels were

    painstakingly applied and added to the cost of Cazal's high-

    specification, high-end frames. As it says Germany on the

    frame and not W. Germany, the 956 was obviously continued

    into the 90s and it looks as though it could be a unisex frame

    - but please check the sizes. It does show very slight signs

    of having been worn, but this luxurious eyewear remains fit

    for a King Ramesses, or Queen Nefertiti.

                                                           — klasik