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product code : k5522 : £ 245
  • 1950's translucent grey plastic frame marked

  • Original True Color grey glass lenses



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  • Hefty shape from giants of US eyewear American Optical, this pair looks

    like something Clark Kent would have taken - along with Lois - on holiday

    to the beach. It does not have a sunglass design name or a code number -

    like say 'Saratoga' - so we delved into our original catalogues, but they

    are not there. At least not in the ones we have - however, we can date

    them to the late 1950's or early 60's as AO's neutral grey glass 'True

    Color' lenses first appeared in 1957, and it does have 'True Color' stamped

    on the inside arm. Also, the colour of the zyl (or acetate) used for the frame,

    and those giant paddle arms, are both in the late 50's catalogues. AO called

    this translucent colour 'Blue Smoke' and those paddle arms were an option

    for their now much sought-after 1958 'Jaguar' frame - which also came in

    Blue Smoke.

    Mighty 7-charnier joints support those arms and those flush diamond shields

    are also unusual - not the raised arrow-heads of the 'Saratoga' or large

    feathered or lozenge shields of the ophthalmic frames. Perhaps these

    sunglasses were a prototype, trying out a slimmer 'Jaguar' style for

    sunglasses, before they came to the familiar Sixties 'Saratoga'. The spectral

    grey frame leavens the whole look and we cannot imagine a more superb

    original example of men's American 1950's sunglasses. The lenses too are

    in very good condition, only having a couple of minor marks. Amazing AO

    of nearly 60-years vintage.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : 1950's/60's by AMERICAN OPTICAL (USA)
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