mens : 1960s : k5425
product code : k5425 : £ 195



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  • Metzler started in Paris in 1830 but moved their production

    to Stuttgart (Germany) in 1911- where 108 years later, they

    are still going. One of the great quality makers of eyewear

    who were there when cinema showcased European style to

    the world. As we have mentioned before, La Dolce Vita (1960)

    probably started it for men's fashions and sunglasses, and Metzler

    and Zeiss were there in Germany, for the luxury end of the market.

    Optical quality frames teamed with Zeiss Umbral mineral glass

    lenses for the ultimate pair of 'top drawer' European men's

    sunglasses. The additional cost of importing these sunglasses

    would have made them expensive - but oh so worth it. This pair

    in 1/20 10k gold fill, as marked on the inside bridge which

    made them amongst the most expensive sunglasses on the market

    at the time, which was around the late 1960s and early 70s.

    We found this pair with the original Umbral 85s in place but

    were slightly worn so we had them replaced with new Umbral 85s,

    the only difference is the etched logo is not the early one but

    the new one that came out in the 80s. The Metzler and Zeiss

    branding on the temples has all but disappeared from being worn,

    just a ghosting remains. However there is no deterioration of the

    gold fill frame: that was the reason so much gold was used in these

    high-end sunglasses, so that they would last a lifetime....or two.

                                                           — klasik