men's : 1970s : k5428
product code : k5428 : £ 145
  • 1960s-70s layered black on white on crystal plastic frame
    marked A&T and MADE IN FRANCE

  • Original mineral glass brown lenses



lens spec

other info
  • A&T were a ski company which started out as Anderson & Thompson

    in Seattle, WA
    in the early 1930s, patenting laminated wooden skis.

    They were very successful and continued trading until 1975. Here is

    an ad of theirs from 1968, and our pair looks to date from around then

    or a bit later. Ours is also similarly laminated, with a black layer, on white,

    on crystal. In the mid-60s, A&T were importing ski wear from Europe

    into the American market, including Le Trappeur boots from Isère, France

    (established 1887) which not only flashed their Olympic credentials, were

    often in black, and worn on the snow and apres-ski - a crystal, white

    and top layer black pair of sunglasses would team nicely. A&T were also

    the agents for Salomon bindings - so no surprise all round to see 'Made

    in France' stamped alongside A&T. And these details from the ad probably

    apply too: "German-ground lenses...superhard...250% stronger than

    regular lenses" - again showing these American pioneers selecting top

    echelon European products to give them that edge of exclusivity and cachet.

    Be aware though that technology has moved on in the last 50 years or so

    and these days glass lenses may not be recommended for rugged sports.

    But aprés ski, you'll be the coolest in the lodge, in A&T. Herewith a fine

    piece of American - and European - sporting history.

                                                           — klasik