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  • There is an old company called 'Optica Imperial' in Lima, Peru,

    South America - who go back to at least the 1950's. And as this

    is an undeniably 'imperial' pair from the 1960's, they could have

    been made there, or sold there or glazed there. Quality men's

    wrapped frames from this period are prized for their sleek appeal,

    and some collector-wearers are looking for the unique: ie not an

    identifiable Ray-Ban or Rodenstock. The design of course is the

    first not-in-the-catalogues feature and then unusual details like

    the use of gold-coloured pins (brass) in that 3:3 arrangement at

    the turned-back sides, with wide library arms and 7-charnier hinges.

    This is the adornment for the acetate, which is a beautiful, thick

    and sculpted plastic in a polished wood-effect of deep brown and

    black stripes, often called briar. Someone loved this pair and to

    bring it back to glory, a full restoration also included new mineral

    glass Klasik Brown sun lenses. Maybe it was Mick Jagger, who was

    one of the many celebrities to visit Lima in its 60's heyday when

    the Hotel Bolivar was run by a manager of the London Ritz and Pisco

    Sours were drunk at fabulous new places like the Avant Garde Bar

    ...oh actually, maybe the owner was this guy, at the back..

                                                           — klasik