mens : 1960s : k5452
product code : k5452 : £ 185
  • 1960's black plastic frame marked WINSUM and

  • Original grey mineral glass sun lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Liberty were one of the larger optical manufacturers in the US

    in the 1950's-70's, from Newark, NJ. Their sunglasses range they

    called Winsum, being a mash-up of winter and summer as they

    marketed them as, "..year 'round sunglass fashions". This is

    Wanderlust, new in 1965. No doubt competing with Ray-Bans'

    Wayfarer for the rugged adventurer lurking in all men. As you can

    see, described as, "Proud, bold, and strictly masculine. A real

    crowd pleaser."
    So girls, hands off, okay? They also developed

    their own lens - again vying with Bausch & Lomb and their 30

    years of specialisation in sunglass lenses, calling theirs Withstand,

    a tempered glass lens which they boasted as, "..distortion free;

    ultraviolet and infra-red absorptive; heat-treated and impact

    resistant; a quality product of American science and industry."

    Whew! Wanderlust was also available as an optical frame called

    Yeoman, so this is a quality frame that will last for years.

    FYI, Liberty are sill going, although only making sports eyewear

    now from their base in Fairfield, NJ.

                                                                      — klasik