men's : 1960s : k5456
product code : k5456 : £ 125
  • 1960s translucent shaded grey plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original polarised glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Cut from a beautiful sheet of thick acetate - over 7mm at

    the sides - but not looking too heavy as the grey colour is

    translucent. These are some serious men's sunglasses and

    perhaps the maker isn't emblazoned on it as it would be seen,

    and branding wasn't cool in those days. They date from the

    late 1960s or perhaps into the 70s, with a sunken joint in the

    front but pinned with a shield on the sides. The arms are wide

    befitting the heftiness of the frame, and this is where on the

    inside there was probably a maker's label - and another with

    information about the lenses. Why? Because they are not

    only glass and a mid-grey tint that co-ordinates beautifully

    with the frame colour, but they are polarised glass. This

    expensive feature places a polarising material between two

    pieces of glass, to reduce glare from surfaces like water,

    sand and snow and they are therefore great for driving and

    outdoor activities. They may be Japanese as their sunglasses

    from this period often use polarised glass. The front is slightly

    curved and wrapped to show off the lenses - altogether an

    ultra classy pair that would look fine with a tailored suit or

    with beach shorts. Fifty Shades of ..okay, you just know we

    had to.

                                                                      — klasik