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  • Couldn't resist these Italian beauties from what looks

    to be the early 1960s. We think they were probably

    for men, but have listed them as unisex. The original

    lenses were the same tint but rather worn, so we had

    them replaced with Polaroid brand lenses in the mid-grey.

    (We only noticed after the fitting that there were a

    couple of tiny marks on the left lenses at the nasal

    edge, way out of eyeline, so not a problem, but which

    is why they are down from a 10 to a 9.) The lenses

    are deep set adding more angles, the arms are wide

    to reflect the thickness of the frame. They've only used

    pin hinges so they are rather loose, but the fit is snug

    so they are staying tight on.

                                                                      — klasik