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  • Correna were A. Corre & Son from NW London who in the

    1960s were importing designs from continental Europe. Their

    "Top Quality French and Italian Sunglasses" made an immediate

    impact in a staid UK hankering for La Dolce Vita, then revved

    up by The Italian Job. Here, in Correna's trade ad from 1964

    they had over 100 styles for men and women. And from the

    same year, here are 3 of their imported, hand-finished designs,

    in metals and plastics. The company continued to thrive into the

    1970s and who knows how much their sunwear and other fabulous

    European fashion helped persuade the UK to join the EU? Our pair

    dates from what looks to be the late 1970s when they were at their

    peak. It has been given a decorative brushed metal bridge and is a

    large frame but very light in thin metal and Polaroid lenses, which

    we had replaced in the same tint. FYI, Anthony Corré, the sales

    director in 1964 who became managing director in the late 70's, left

    Correna in the 80s to set up another brand called Erroca (geddit?)

    based on the River Lea in Canning Town, London, which was a huge

    success. He eventually sold up for $1m in 1996, which was then sold

    again for $20m in 2011 to Luxottica whence it was turned into

    Sunglasses Hut.

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