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  • 1990's silver metal frame marked YOHJI YAMAMOTO
    and JAPAN

  • Original blue/mauve tint acrylic lenses



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  • Probably the most well known of Japanese couturiers, Yamamoto

    studied fashion in the 60's, started designing clothes in the 70's

    and debuted in Paris in 1981. His first brand: Y's was introduced

    in Tokyo in 1977. Through the 1980's and 90's he was the

    avante-garde but out-of-reach designer, who achieved global

    fashion fame but never compromised - when he produced eyewear,

    it was exceptional, and in 1999 his sunglasses were retailing at

    around $300-340 in the US. Collectors today of course appreciate

    the rarity, but the desirability is owning and even wearing this

    influential designer's pieces. They're unique and instantly

    recognisable. Hand made in Japan of course, craftsman "tailor"

    Yamamoto captured industrial-punk meets science-fiction in the

    metal artwork of these frames - with their details like the 'bulldog

    clips' at the sides of this one in matte silver. The lenses are a

    traditional oval shape and tinted an intense, vivid violet-blue, which

    the 'clips' appear to be holding in. Again, this adds to the mysterious

    and edgy - you can see this on screen in Wim Wenders' 1989

    documentary on Yamamoto: 'Notebook on Cities and Clothes'

    and also in the cult films (from 2000) that the designer outfitted.

    Yamamoto knows that the compelling strange/stranger should

    give nothing away in their appearance and so the eyewear does

    that, drawing in the onlookers.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : unisex : 1990's by YOHJI YAMAMOTO (JAPAN)
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