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product code : k5516 : £ 125
  • 1980's grey layer over translucent green optyl frame

  • Original mid-grey acrylic lenses



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  • No wonder Playboy's Optyl designs were advertised as the "paragon"

    of international eyewear. We can date this pair to the early 1980's as

    we are lucky to have found it in an ad from 1982. Design houses like

    Playboy, Dunhill and Dior embraced Optyl in the mid 1970's - the only

    frame material invented exclusively for the manufacture of eyewear.

    With that cachet also came qualities that inspired their creations and

    opened up possibilities. Optyl was lighter so suited the trend for larger

    eyewear and it was a poured and set resin, not a sheet material cut out

    like acetate, so organic shapes flowed. Hence this design for men is a

    dynamic, super-sized aviator that veers towards a sporty visor. The

    shape is enhanced by the grey layer over the deep, translucent

    khaki-green and the golden metal inserts curving round and tapering

    at the temples to also hold the Playboy 'Bunny' logo. Shame it was

    so loved, and the lenses have taken the brunt, but they can easily be

    replaced: the mid-tint grey Polaroid lenses we offer would look good,

    ask for details.

                                                           — klasik

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