men's : pre-war : k5460
product code : k5460 : £ 105
  • 1930s/40s silver metal frame, unmarked

  • Original mid-blue mineral glass sun lenses



lens spec

other info
  • There are no makers on this frame, which isn't unusual for non-gold

    white metal frames and when they are a generic type sold prior to

    WW2 in the US as 'eye protectors' - against sun, dust, wind and glare.

    The large 50mm circular lenses, the double bridge and the cable arms

    are also very similar to Motor Glasses or goggles of the 1920's. We

    have a 1922 catalogue with American Optical's Speedwell Motor

    Glasses (actually a design from 1914) which are similar, with 47mm

    tinted round lenses. This is a functional and basic style giving good

    coverage and note that the arms fold outwards to be flat and open,

    but do not close completely when you fold them inwards. This means

    there is a bit of movement in the lenses, but not a problem - just keep

    an eye on the screws. Somewhere in this frame's 'flexibility' and in the

    colour of the lenses we might settle on a purpose, as blue was for

    driving and for railroad men, motormen, stone cutters and miners

    - of course the US had far many more cars and motorists and workers

    in the sun needing protection. The star feature now are the pale blue,

    flat, glass lenses, which being hand-made have a dimple in the left lens -

    but this is not in the middle. These are irreplaceable, but at least have

    some heft to them - a stunning pair of functional 'goggles' probably

    from the 1930's, but may also go into the 40's.

                                                                      — klasik