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  • 1920's/30's mock tortoise plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original mid-brown glass lenses



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  • This pair - possibly 90 years old - looks like it has been kept

    sealed in a drawer for most of these years, it is in incredible

    condition. Besides a couple of bumps in the surface near the

    left hinge - see photos - it is pretty much mark free. The glass

    lenses are the flatter shape so definitely original and they too

    look unblemished. It is a unisex pair as most sunglasses were

    in this period, with a generous bridge size and perfect circle

    lens shapes. The arms swivel on a pin-hinger and are notched

    to lock into shape when open. They are flat on the sides with

    a twist at the arm bend as it curls around the ear - a nice touch.

    A delicate frame so avoid contact sports - we're thinking more

    a Gatsby-style late afternoon soiree at a Long Island mansion -

    or the Riviera.

                                                                      — klasik

vintage sunglasses : unisex : 1920's/30's sunglasses, unmarked
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