ray-ban : k5415
product code : k5415 : £ 165
  • 1980s mock tortoise plastic frame
    marked B&L RAY-BAN USA and VAGABOND

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • In the mid-1980s Bausch & Lomb, the makers of Ray-Ban

    sunglasses, brought out a larger version of Vagabond, a

    unisex model they had been making since 1975. This then

    is Vagabond II, with a 62mm lens as opposed to the former

    58mm, in much the same way thet they have the aviator in

    the same shape in both the 58 and 62 mm sizes. Initially it

    was only available in this the tortoise colour, but in subsequent

    years they expanded into others, before ceasing production

    in 1988. It is therefore quite rare - this is the only one we

    have had - due to it being only available for three seasons.

    [If you are interested, we also currently have on the site the

    original Vagabond (58mm lenses), from the 1970s fitted with

    their double-gradient ski lenses - perfect for Xmas or that

    post-vaccine mountain retreat?]

                                                           — klasik