ray-ban : k5431
product code : k5431 : £ 195
  • 1960's black plastic frame marked

  • Original B&L G15 grey/green glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • Plainsman first appeared in 1963 and went on to be

    produced throughout the Sixties - here it is in a

    catalogue from 1966 where it was described as,

    "...a substantial, rugged styling enhanced by the

    distinctive feature of wrap-around temples."

    wrapped temples gave the face a clean, uninterrupted

    look which wasn't able to be emulated until the mid-60's

    when buried hinges were developed. A sought-after

    Ray-Ban as it is very difficult to find these days, frame

    in great condition, only a few small marks on the lenses,

    which could be changed to Klasik G15 in time. Plainsman

    was marketed as a "modern frame style" but Bausch &

    Lomb choose a name associated with the early pioneers

    of the plains or prairies, like Wild Bill Hickock. Perhaps like

    their later Drifter, B&L looked to these mavericks for epic

    American inspiration.

                                                           — klasik