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  • This pair actually dates from 1971 as it can be seen

    worn by model Jean Shrimpton in this double page ad

    promoting that season's B&L Sun Tint range. Our pair

    (bottom right in the grey lenses) is the I-Shape Octagon

    with the Ray-Lite Icy Blue lenses and the frame is their

    Arista gold. These CR39 resin lenses were new to Ray-Ban:

    although these lenses had been available since the late

    1940's, they had only now come down in price and were

    starting to be used in sunglasses. The ad also goes on to

    say that all their lenses give full protection from the sun's

    harsh UV rays - see above. This is a very rare pair of sun-

    glasses as the i-shape came in two frame colours (silver

    and gold, the silver was smaller) but the Icy Blue was only

    available for 3 seasons before being discontinued. Plus, you

    too could look as good as The Shrimp! Just need some of

    those bright, colourful, Californian summer styles, or just a

    duller more British day, when she wore Ray-Ban's I-Shape

    Octagon to lift that look into the fresh and funky 70's. The

    'Icy Blue' also matches Shrimpton's famous blue eyes.

                                                           — klasik