ray-ban : k5466
product code : k5466 : £ 135
  • 1960's black plastic frame marked

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • A bit of an enigma this pair, as at first glance it looks

    like Solette that was introduced in 1961, with the sleek

    lines and the squared off sides: indeed the dimensions

    and shape are exactly the same, but the square shields

    are not right nor are the arm shields. So what we have

    here is a Solette front that has been paired with different

    arms. Also, the inside of our arm is stamped Polyanna.

    We know this is not a Polyanna as this is a Polyanna,

    a more rounded frame. This is not the first time we've

    seen this: check out this Caribbean front we've had

    before with Wayfarer arms - we found out separately

    that they called this frame Masculine but it didn't appear

    in any of their catalogues. Perhaps therefore this was

    called Feminine, don't know. And perhaps they were for

    export only, or samples. This isn't the first one we've had

    of these, so they made a few. Our pair looks never to have

    been worn as have others we've had, so this might be a clue.

                                                           — klasik