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  • You don't see these too often these days: and early Ray-Ban

    aviator, made some time in the 1950's in 1/10 12k gold-fill

    and the early pearly nose-pads. Not as early as some we've

    had, with the flesh coloured temples, but those dated from

    the late 1940's. Here is an ad from 1946 when they were

    first made for civilian wear. By 1960 the G15 grey lens had

    been developed, here is an ad from that year, still advertising

    the aviator - the text describing the frame as 1/10 12k gold

    filled, "..that lasts a lifetime..". They were right....perhaps a

    few lifetimes. Our pair dates from about the time this catalogue

    was printed in 1957
    , still using the pearly flesh nose-pads

    (stamped B-L, see photo). The RRP for these then was $16.75

    - not cheap 60 odd years ago. The only fault with our pair is

    that the right temple tip has turned green inside - this sort of

    reaction would not be seen in the pink, flesh, opaque, pearlised

    arm ends, but of course is visible when clear plastic used. How-

    ever, doesn't seem much of a problem. (See bottom photo)

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : mens : 1950s Ray-Ban Aviator by BAUSCH & LOMB USA