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product code : k5496 : £ 245
  • 1970's mock tortoise plastic frame marked

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



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  • The Corrigan II was introduced by Bausch & Lomb in 1973 and it

    ran for 4 seasons, last seen in 1977. This is the entry we have

    from the 1974 catalogue
    , you can see that the only difference

    between our pair and the Corrigan are the arms, or temples.

    'Corrigan' has holes down the metal temples, which are generally

    known as a racer detail. Corrigan II though are longer at 5 3/4" -

    so perhaps more aimed at men - and have solid, wide acetate

    arms. This is a huge pair of sunglasses, so perhaps not for the timid.

    The catalogue actually describes it as bigger than we measure,

    we have a lenses fractionally smaller. An unusual design, made

    for a brief period, perhaps this is why we have seen very few,

    and we are lucky to have the 'Mock Tortoise' colour, which is deep,

    rich and wearable. A classic, because frames in this colour and

    these tones appear more luxurious and last a lifetime of 'looks',

    while 'Camelot Blue' - not so much. The large bridge is where

    this design becomes multi-dimensional and sculptural: an elliptical

    hole contrasts with a circle below and all in a monumental pair of

    sunglasses. The temples are wide to complement the incredible

    front and they've been given the familiar Wayfarer-type lozenge

    shield. Not sure of the origins of the name but we could guess at

    'Secret Agent Corrigan'. This comic strip was created by Dashiell

    Hammett in 1934 when it was 'Secret Agent X-9'. By the 40's the

    character was revealed as "Phil Corrigan" in the story and "decades

    later"(1970's?), the strip was renamed 'Secret Agent Corrigan'.

    Seems pretty apt for these Master Spy Superfly sunglasses.

                                                           — klasik

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