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product code : k5507 : £ 245
  • 1960's mock tortoise plastic frame marked

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



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  • The Chalet is a little known about wrap-

    around that Ray-Ban brought out in 1967

    (shown here in Rosewood)
    to follow in the

    success of the Balorama that had been

    introduced 5 years before. It uses the same

    9-base curve lens at 60mm wide but they've

    trimmed down the height by about 4mm

    making it a sleeker model. The top of the

    frame is thicker, but faceted while the bottom

    of the frame has been made squarer with

    strong angles. Here is a publicity photo from

    the next year's catalogue where it is described

    as, "a forceful, all he-man construction..."

    - are you butch enough for Chalet?

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : mens : 1960s Ray-Ban Chalet by BAUSCH & LOMB USA
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