mens : ray-ban : k5508
product code : k5508 : £ 145
  • 1970's gold metal frame marked B&L

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • The Caravan first appeared in 1959, (a year after AO's military

    issue aviator in a very similar shape!) and it became one of their

    most enduring models: it went on into the Sixties and then continued

    to sell through the Seventies, when this pair was made. Caravan

    was marketed to wealthy airplane owners and pilots by the 1970's

    and was the expensive option - when military issue aviators were

    much cheaper. In fashion too, 'Men's Wear' magazine in 1975 wrote

    that while Ray-Ban's aviator (launched in 1937 and worn by General

    McArthur in WW2) were still selling as top-line high-spec sunglasses,

    the other four best-sellers were: Caravan, Bainbridge, Outdoorsman

    and Shooting Glass. All were metal frames note, as in the 1970's there

    had been a big shift back to metals. (Hence the next year, B&L exploited

    this popular shape in a metal frame - for women - and brought out coloured

    finishes. Check out Jean Shrimpton modelling a blue pair in 1976.)

    Whatever lenses Ray-Ban offered in Caravan over the decades, they

    were always their famous tinted mineral ground glass and the lustre looks

    especially fine with the gleaming gold 'Arista' frame. This pair fitted with

    their G15 grey/green which is a perfect match. The Caravan continued

    into the Eighties, but there are tell-tale signs that ours hail from the

    previous decade - we'll tell you after you buy them!

                                                           — klasik