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  • The unisex Vagabond was first launched in 1975

    (the pair on the right in the mirrored lenses) using

    the aviator lens shape in a plastic frame. Ray-Ban

    had had such success promoting the aviator with

    Jean Shrimpton, that they developed the Vagabond

    for both men and women - here it is gracing the main

    page of the 1976 catalogue on a guy. This pair had been fitted

    with B&L's Double Gradient G31 lenses, ie the lighter

    shade but with the top and bottom mirror coatings.

    These were promoted for water sports where the glare

    from both above and below is reduced by the mirror

    coating. We can date this pair to 1978 as this was the

    only year that this combination was available without

    the raised Ray-Ban logo on the sides, ie it just has the

    earlier two pin arrangement (see 1976 photo above).

    Very rare, especially in this condition. The Vagabond

    endured for 10 years, discontinued in 1985.

                                                           — klasik

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