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product code : k5518 : £ 195
  • 1960's black plastic frame marked

  • Original B&L G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



lens spec

other info
  • We believe that this 1960's Ray-Ban design was called 'Masculine' -

    even though there is no name stamped on the arm. Note that it has a

    Caribbean front
    and that design was introduced in 1964, but it has

    different plaques - the same rectangular lozenges that B&L used for

    their Sprint design, that also came out in '64. However, the arms do

    not look exactly like Caribbean arms and the arm plaques don't either.

    This is not the first time we've seen this: check out a women's pair

    which we've sold in the past which has a Solette front. And maybe

    this is the clue - perhaps Masculine was a special edition and was paired

    with a 'Feminine' in a Ray-Ban 1960's summer promotion. The 'Solette'-

    front design could have been called 'Feminine'. Another thought is that

    it may be a design in a time when fashion-forward imported European

    sunglasses were challenging America's established makers and Ray-Ban

    responded by trying out their new, distinctive and very Sixties plaques

    on a Caribbean front. These pairs - always in black with G15 lenses also

    note - turn up only occasionally, so they are quite rare. Caribbeans are

    more common. And imagine the 1960's Ray-Ban buzz, if a collecting

    couple today were to have a Feminine to wear with this Masculine.

    And you just KNOW we are going to want a photo of that!

                                                           — klasik

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