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product code : k5525 : £ 345
  • 1950's pearly grey plastic frame marked B&L RAY-BAN USA

  • Original G15 (grey/green) glass lenses



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  • This is only 2nd time we have been able to offer the original Wayfarer ie,

    the shape they made between 1953-1961. We know it is an original as it

    has the early thinner arms which were changed to the wider style in 1963

    and the fact that is does not have Wayfarer written on it: although

    Ray-Ban named their sunglasses, they did not write the names on the

    frames until 1962. Finally, we can pinpoint this pair to between 1956-

    1960 as this was when this model was made in Castle Gray with G15

    lenses. Here is a caption from Ray-Ban's catalogue from 1961 - note the

    thinner style arms compared to the more familiar wider arms that were

    introduced in the 1963 catalogue
    . And you can see that by 1961 they'd

    dropped Castle Gray as a colourway: it first appeared in 1955, but with

    green lenses only. It wasn't until the following year that it was listed with

    the G15 lenses
    . So this is a very rare pair of what is possibly the most

    famous sunglasses ever made - and in great condition too. Enjoy.

                                                           — klasik

vintage sunglasses : mens : Ray-Ban Wayfarer 1957-1961 by BAUSCH & LOMB (USA)
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