womens : 1940s/50s : k5410
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  • No markings on this slender frame, except for the G.F. on the

    bridge: the English abbreviation for gold-fill. This stamp, and

    the high quality frame leads us to believe they were made by

    either Walter Jameson of Chelmsford, or the ALGHA company

    of East London. Both were making expensive gold-fill frame

    sunglasses, and their own tinted glass lenses in the late 1950s

    - which they also exported. The craftsmanship is undeniable

    - here in another Jameson pair we have for sale which has a

    similar crested bridge and flat rims, and an ALGHA 'Altan' pair

    which also shows the exceptional work in these late 50s hand-

    made frames. The tint of the sun lenses of this pair is more like

    the grey 'Raytone' from Jameson rather than ALGHA's 'Sol-Bay',

    but we can only speculate without any names on the frame. Also,

    the hinges are a French style, which could even mean Essel (S&L)

    France and the Société du Lunetiers, who were making a big impact

    in British eyewear at this time from Solun House in Hatton Garden,

    London. But perhaps just in influence. Whatever this 'European'

    story, we can update with the happy news that ALGHA are still

    making gold frames to this day, under the Savile Row name. These

    fine, gold-fill vintage sunglasses are a smallish size so fit women,

    but could have been sold as a unisex style - the sheen of mineral

    glass lenses adds yet more class, and that little bit of 1950s heft.

                                                           — klasik