womens : 1940s-50s : k5451
product code : k5451 : £ 95
  • 1940's red plastic frame, unmarked

  • Original brown mineral glass sun lenses



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  • It's all about the colour and the shape of these 1940's

    sunglasses. The angular top is similar to a pair from

    we also have, and that design was registered

    in 1945. Red frames are always popular for women's

    eyewear as it is the siren colour - perhaps this is also

    why we find far fewer of them, being eyewear's most

    daring and attention-grabbing colour: matching ruby

    lips and more arresting accessories and clothes. It is a

    nice quality frame - for fashion sunglasses - and the

    crystal red makes it even more beguiling. This sultry

    survivor is all about the glamour - as the smokey-brown

    glass lenses aren't up to modern standards for uv

    protection. But who cares if you can't spend all day in

    the sun, when you are in these Rita Hayworth-red

    sunglasses. Or should that be Barbara Stanwyck?

                                                                      — klasik