women's : 1960s : k5440
product code : k5440 : £ 85
  • 1960's black plastic frame marked OPTOSUN

  • Original green mineral glass lenses



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  • Optosun were an American company based in Florida.

    They prided themselves on their sun-protective lenses

    and their sunglasses were distributed in the sun-drenched

    South and in Puerto Rico. These green lenses of polished

    mineral glass are uv protective up to 400nm - as good as

    any lenses you can buy today. And the tint is the soothing

    green that works to cool the eye in hot, glaring sun. The

    frame is a funky Sixties-shaped cat-eye and in the always

    desirable black. It is pinned front and sides with arrow head

    shields adorning the front and double pins on the side, held

    by 5-charnier joints, with full length arm cores. A super

    example from an original US company, dedicated to the

    making of sunglasses in the Sixties - and one to treasure,

    as it seems they did not survive. In 1990, the name was

    bought by a company who manufacture in the Far East

    and also make optical frames.

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